Complete Life-size Nativity Pattern Set

Item #NATC3C

Exclusive patterns to make by far the most realistic, life-size woodcraft Nativity available anywhere!

It would cost thousands of dollars to purchase a Nativity such as this,
if it were even available. But you (or your church group) can make this one yourself for a small fraction of the cost. Retail value is over $125 when purchasing the sets individually.

This Special money-saving Pattern Set includes full-size patterns and complete instructions PLUS plywood layouts and color paint guide to make our complete life-size Nativity shown plus the stable.

Color Poster Set Now Available---Ideal for the non-painter or if you just don't have the time. Look up item CP-NATC3C.

Cautionary Note: Color posters will not fit onto the corresponding figures cut from this life-size Nativity woodcraft pattern. Plywood figures for our color posters must be cut out using the pattern lines provided on each poster.

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Sep 25, 2013  |  By Alba Alicea

Life Like Nativity
Dec 1, 2013  |  By Patricia Tinney
We have completed two life size sets for local Churches and three medium size sets. Everyone loves them. It was such a joy to do them. It is our hearts desire that it will draw people to the Lord. God bless and Merry Christmas. Thank you for these beautiful patterns.

the fun in creating the lifesize nativity.
Dec 1, 2015  |  By virginia bozarth
I have already done most of this nativity. I need 2 shepherds, as mine only has 1. And I have only 1 wiseman. I have the camel, donkey, and 2 sheep. Of course I have Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. I have the kneeking wiseman and kneeling shepherd. I love mine . I especially love my camel and donkey. People are amazed that I have docne it. At 78, the hard part is getting down on the floor and painting them. Cutting them out also is hard on the back, but I like working on yard projects. I had not done any the last few years, but after setting up the nativity last week, I decided that I want to complete it. I thought I would get them cut out before it gets very cold. Thank you! Virginia

Nativity for our church
Nov 21, 2018  |  By Donald Hoffman
The patterns are great and have great detail. However, the support to hold them up may be OK for an area with little wind. We have come to the idea of using metal posts driven into the ground 2-3 feet. Secure to the wood with metal strips and screws.