Ordering Questions

What are your terms of Payment for Website, Phone & Fax Orders?
All orders must be pre-paid by credit card in US Funds only. Website shoppers may also use PayPal. Sorry, no COD orders will be accepted.

What are your terms of Payment for Mail-In Orders?
All orders received via the US Mail must be pre-paid by credit card in US Funds. USA and Canadian customers may also pay by a personal check in US Funds drawn on an American Bank. Sorry, no cash or COD orders.

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards only. Please include card expiration date and 3 digit number on the back of card.

What is the fastest way to order items selected from your printed catalog via your Website?
Click on "Quick Order" in the upper blue bar that appears on all pages of the Winfield website. Simply type the Item# and Quantity of each item you want to order into the blank boxes on your screen. When finished, click the "Add Items" button. You will then be taken to your shopping cart where you may then continue shopping or checkout.

What is The Winfield Collection's return policy?
We want you to be totally satisfied with all purchases. All items (with the exception of opened videos and grab bags) are returnable as long as they have not been used and are in new condition. All returns must include the original invoice with a brief explanation within 30 days. We will promptly credit your account or credit card (less postage and handling charges). If you paid by check we will credit your account or, if you prefer, send a refund after your check has had time to clear your bank.

How can I communicate with a Customer Service Representative?
You can phone our friendly Customer Service Reps anytime Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, EST at 1-800-946-3435 or you can e-mail them anytime. Emails will generally be answered the next day.

Does The Winfield Collection have a retail store?
Winfield maintains the largest woodcraft projects showroom in the industry! Come visit and you'll truly get inspired when you see selected Winfield Collection, Scroller and Frontyard Originals designs up close and personal. Woodworking patterns and supplies along with many unique finished items can also be purchased during your visit. For more information click on "Showroom" at the bottom of all website pages.

Can I purchase Winfield Collection woodcraft patterns at a discount to resell in my retail stores?
Yes, if you have a legitimate (brick and mortar) retail store and can meet certain requirements and order minimums, most woodcraft patterns are available for discounted purchase. For further information click on "Wholesale Division" that appears at the bottom of all website pages or call Workshoppe Originals at 1-810-735-2490.

Do you charge Sales Tax on Website Orders? How about out-of-state Orders?
We are required by law to charge Michigan Sales Tax on all orders delivered to the State of Michigan regardless of how the order was taken. Orders shipped to destinations outside of the state of Michigan do not get charged this tax. Michigan Sales Tax, by law, is calculated on the order total (merchandise total plus the shipping and handling charge).

Pattern & Woodcrafting Questions

What makes Winfield Collection patterns better than other companies woodworking plans?
Our wood patterns are all full-size, which means you can get started quickly by simply tracing the wood pattern lines onto your wood--no enlarging is ever required. We also include complete step-by-step instructions, material lists, board cutting layouts, assembly diagrams and detailed painting or finishing directions on every woodcraft plan and pattern. We make it easy for you to successfully finish every Winfield Collection woodworking project you try.

How do I get the lines from the Winfield Collection pattern onto my wood?
First lay our pattern transfer paper (Item #CARB or #CARB2) ink side down on the wood. Then locate the woodcraft pattern on top of the transfer paper and trace all wood pattern lines. Now you're ready to cut out or paint your woodworking project--it's that simple! Your wood plans also give painting lines to trace onto one side of the design. What about the other side? If you choose to detail paint both sides of your woodworking project, use two layers of transfer paper rather than one--the bottom layer ink side down and the top layer ink side up--to transfer all lines onto your wood. When finished tracing the first side, flip over your woodcraft pattern sheet to reveal a mirror image painting pattern for the other side.

Why are some pieces not drawn on some of my Winfield Collection patterns?
We purposely do not provide full-size wood patterns for square and rectangular pieces of wood required in our woodcraft projects. Most woodworkers agree that these pieces are much easier to cut out on a saw with an edge guide (such as a table saw) using exact measurements from the Bill of Materials rather than trying to follow straight lines traced from a woodworking pattern.

How much wood and supplies are required to complete each Winfield Collection project?
A List of Materials, similar to a shopping list, appears on most woodcraft patterns listing the exact boards, wood parts and supplies you'll need. For most wood projects, this same information can be viewed by clicking on "More Info" on the product detail page prior to purchasing the woodworking pattern.

How can I suggest new pattern ideas to The Winfield Collection?
We welcome all new wood pattern ideas from our customers. Click on "Submit Your Ideas" for more detailed information on submitting your wood pattern ideas.

Does The Winfield Collection purchase the rights to original woodcraft projects designed by others?
Although our talented artists and woodcrafters design most of the woodcraft projects in our catalog, we encourage designers to submit their best wood projects for possible purchase and inclusion in our catalog.

How many new projects does The Winfield Collection develop and offer every year?
We offer over 150 new woodworking projects throughout the year developed by our own in-house staff of talented artists and woodworkers. Additionally, we are constantly adding dozens of interesting wood projects by independent designers from all across the United States and Canada.

What is the best way to protect my painted outdoor Winfield Collection projects?
Our outdoor Sealer (#POLYGN) offers maximum protection from the weather and the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Detailed directions for the proper application of our Sealer will be included with your order.

Where can I purchase finished woodcrafts made from Winfield Collection patterns?
Almost anyone, regardless of skill level, can make our unique woodcraft projects from our easy-to-use, full-size wood plans and wood patterns. If you just don't have the time or are not ready to start a new hobby, finished woodcraft projects made from our wood patterns are frequently sold at local craft shows and on the internet by licensed sellers. You might also check our "Helpful Links" at the bottom of our Website page. Note, however, that we do not endorse, guarantee or warrant the work of any woodcrafter, either on the internet or linked to our website and any purchases you make are at your own risk.

Can I advertise and sell finished projects or pre-cut wood kits I make from copyrighted Winfield Collection patterns?
Generally speaking, you can sell finished wood projects but not pre-cut wood kits for the designs on the wood patterns that you have purchased. Read up on your limited rights in detail by clicking on "Copyrights" on the bottom of our website pages.

Can I advertise finished projects I make from your copyrighted patterns for sale on the Internet?
Displaying images of our copyrighted woodcraft projects on the Internet (including your own photos) is only allowed if you comply with certain requirements. Your limited rights apply only to the wood plans and woodcraft patterns that you have purchased and are explained in detail in the "Copyrights" section of this website.