Small Silent Night Pattern

Item #CYD72

A Winfield exclusive design!

Half the beauty of this popular, self-standing Nativity display is in the simplicity of its design--all six pieces simply slide together then easily come apart for convenient flat storage.

Eye-catching Nativity is a cinch to make! Just trace our full-size pattern onto plywood, cut out & paint white. Small size (49" tall to top of star) easily fits in small yards or even indoors.

Patterns for a color version and larger sizes of this unique display along with matching shepherd/sheep and king/camel displays are also available.

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Sep 13, 2013  |  By Linda Koob
I was living in Wisconsin at the time that I made the Nativity. I was out of a job and decided to make one Nativity and give it away to some friends who were helping me out. They called me a few weeks later and said that they set it up on the front lawn and had two people come to their door and asked who made those because they would like one. So I got an order to make two more of them. I really, really enjoyed making the Nativity as it was very easy to do. Pieces are interlocking for easy storing and it has been probably ten years and the people still have the Nativity.

Outdoor Nativity
Sep 13, 2013  |  By Nancy Jette
This is definitely a show piece in our neighborhood! So many people would stop and ask about it...and my husband got requests to make more. He declined..these projects are new to him(he is retired) and he has limited them to family only! Next he will make the shepherds pointing to the star! They are so easy to store since they come apart..and can always be touched up with white paint whenever needed.

1 in a 1000?
Nov 28, 2013  |  By Jackie Bauman
I'm so pleased I did this project last Christmas. Heart-felt response from neighbors. I added a glitter to halo over Baby Jesus. It's a great testimony.
Driving through large neighborhood I can honestly say, but with a degree of sadness, it's the only Jesus is the Reason for the Season lawn decoration.
I'm ordering the skyline of Bethlehem to add this year.

Silent Night
Nov 30, 2013  |  By James Martin
This was my very first Winfield Collection pattern probably 10 years ago. I have since made at least 5 sets for others. I also added the Shepherds, Wise Men, angels, etc., in years following. I love these patterns!

W1539cy Nativity
Aug 21, 2015  |  By Ken
Makes a very nice outdoor display. I mounted the star on a black pole and added an angel over the manger on a black pole and added some radiant points to the halo over the baby. The medium size is about 3/4 life size
Very Very nice display.

Easy to make
Dec 26, 2015  |  By Jerry
Good pattern. Easy to make. I traced the pattern onto masonite first thus creating a template for future sets.

Great Weekend Project
Dec 12, 2017  |  By Chuck D
This set is very easy to cut and assemble. It's convenient because it comes apart and stores flat. The only problem is that everyone loved it and requested that I make a set for them (kids, in-laws, a family walking by!). So much for having a weekend to watch football...