1/3 Life-Size Nativity Color Posters and Stable Pattern

Item #CP-NATC4

Create this exquisitely-detailed, 1/3 life-size Nativity for your small front yard or indoors even if you can't paint!

It's easy using our high quality Color Posters. Simply apply our adhesive backed vinyl Posters onto your base coated plywood cutouts following our simple instructions. No detail painting means you'll save countless hours on each 1/3 life-size piece in this set.

Our Color Posters are made of high quality, self-adhesive outdoor vinyl (the same material used on billboards) and are printed in vivid color with a gloss finish using UV resistant inks. Color Posters are shipped rolled for easier application and to eliminate unsightly fold creases in your finished projects. Most of our Color Posters are printed on demand so please allow up to 3 days extra for printing and drying time. No need to also order the paper patterns since traceable plywood cut lines are included on each Color Poster.

This set includes one-piece Color Posters with instructions to make all the 1/3 life-size Nativity figures shown plus a full-size pattern with instructions to make our slide-together plywood Stable.

Carbon Transfer Paper is required to trace cut lines from the Poster onto your plywood and our Color Poster Edge Sealer is required to protect the Poster edges. Both are available below.