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Plain End Blades

SHARKTOOTH <br>Scroll Saw Blades <br> Specialty Spiral SHARKTOOTH
Scroll Saw Blades
Specialty Spiral

Smaller teeth all around, tighter twist, clean cutting, less aggressive than standard spirals. Perfect for beginners as well as those who have difficulty controlling a spiral. Great for Scrolled Art Projects.

Blades sold by the dozen are size 2/0, 35 teeth per inch and works best when cutting woods with a thickness of 5/32" to 1"

SHARKTOOTH quality provides maximum blade life and durability.

Select the right blade size for your application. More teeth per inch give a finer cut (preferred for soft wood) while less teeth per inch give a coarser cut (preferred for hard wood). Larger blade size numbers indicate increasingly heavy duty blades capable of cutting thicker wood. Always use the highest number blade for your application.

$3.55 per dozen for 6 to 11 dozen
$3.15 per dozen for 12 dozen or more

Add items to your cart to see final pricing.

*Ok to mix & match different sizes of the
same blade for 6 to12 dozen pricing.

Description Item # Price Qty
#3/0 Specialty Spiral - 38TPI BLFD30 $3.75
#2/0 Specialty Spiral - 35 TPI BLFD20 $3.75
#1 Specialty Spiral - 27TPI BLFD1 $3.75
#3 Specialty Spiral - 27 TPI BLFD3 $3.75
#5 Speicalty Spiral - 27 TPI BLFD5 $3.75

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