Suggested Replacements for Discontinued Paints

If your Winfield Collection patterns call for any of these discontinued colors, we suggest using the replacement colors or mixes listed for similar results.

Discontinued Paints Recommended Replacement Paints
Item # Color Item # or MIX Color or Mix Instructions
P2011 Chrome Green MIX Equal parts of P2057 Quaker Grey & P2089 Navy Blue
P2018 Indiana Rose P2126 Tawny Medium (Was Medium Flesh)
P2033 Dark Flesh P2107 Tompte Red
P2020 Red Iron Oxide P2022 Light Chocolate
P2046 Adobe P2671 Sunkissed Coral
P2047 Lavender MIX 2 parts P2091 GP Purple & one part P2057 Quaker Grey
P2048 Grape P2015 Purple
P2051 Copen Blue MIX 2 parts P2038 Ultra Blue & 1 part P2477 Denim Blue
P2056 Berry Red P2083 Fire Red
P2061 Pink Angel P2449 Hydrangea Pink
P2062 Maple Sugar MIX Equal parts P2035 Golden Vanilla & P2054 Golden Brown
P2063 Spice Tan N/A (Coming Soon)
P2069 Wedgewood Blue P2069 (SAME) FolkArt French Blue 639
P2086 Toffee MIX Equal parts P2424 Bambi & P2055 Autumn Brown
P2093 Pigskin MIX Antique Gold
P2096 Dark Forrest Green P2535 Dark Foliage Green
P2097 Georgia Clay P2071 Terra Cotta
P2098 Tomato Spice MIX 2 parts P2083 Fire Red & 1 part P2049 Spice Brown
P2106 Bonnie Blue P2069 FolkArt French Blue 639 (Was Wedgwood)
P2108 Palomino P2054 Golden Brown
P2123 Burgundy P2075 Maroon
P2133 Cape Cod Blue P2133 (SAME) FolkArt Sterling Blue
P2400 Blue Mist P2037 Blue Heaven
P2403 Lilac Dust P2047 Lavender (Disc) See Lavender for mix
P2404 Rouge P2671 Sunkissed Coral
P2405 Mauve P2469 Antique Rose (Disc) See Antique Rose for mix
P2413 Prussian Blue P2089 Navy Blue
P2416 Liberty Blue P2015 Purple
P2417 Avalon MIX Equal parts P2090 Hippo Grey & P2089 Navy Blue
P2419 Deep River P2535 Dark Foliage Green
P2428 Cayenne P2071 Terra Cotta
P2430 Rosetta Pink P2126 Tawny Medium
P2433 Island Coral P2126 Tawny Medium
P2439 Alpine P2445 Green Sea (Disc) Sea Green for mix
P2445 Green Sea MIX Equal parts P2089 Navy Blue & P2057 Quaker Grey
P2447 Village Green P2447 (SAME) FolkArt Wild Wasabi
P2453 Wild Rice P2466 Dunes Beige (Disc) See Dunes for replacement
P2458 Nectar P2126 Tawny Medium
P2461 Pink Frosting P2449 Hydrangea Pink
P2462 Rainforest P2012 Turquoise
P2463 Cactus MIX 2 parts P2057 Quaker Grey & 1 part P2445 Green Sea (Disc.) See See Green Sea for mix.
P2464 Sachet P2044 Coral
P2465 Tide Pool P2477 Denim
P2466 Dunes Beige MIX Equal Parts P2019 Rosy Beige & P2085 Natural Beige
P2467 Wisteria P2047 Lavender (Disc) See Lavender for mix
P2469 Antique Rose MIX 2 parts P2084 Lisa Pink & 1 part P2055 Autumn
P2475 Jade Green P2418 Laguna Blue
P2478 Periwinkle Blue MIX Equal parts P2037 Blue Heaven & P2091 G. P. Purple
P2479 Deep Coral P2469 Antique Rose (Disc) See Antique Rose for mix
P2482 Emerald Green P2535 Dark Foliage Green
P2485 Wild Rose P2469 Antique Rose (Disc) See Antique Rose for mix
P2486 Egg Plant P2015 Purple
P2488 Mudstone MIX 1 part P2425 Terr. Beige & 1 part P2057 Quaker Grey
P2491 Mallard P2418 Laguna Blue
P2494 Heritage P2463 Cactus (Disc) See Cactus for mix
P2496 Santa Fe P2044 Coral
P2498 Aquamarine P2069 FolkArt French Blue 639 (Was Wedgwood)
P2531 Lt Timberline Green MIX 2 parts P2057 Quaker Grey, 1 part P2054 Golden Brown & 1 part P2010 Forest Green
P2558 Truly Teal P2483 Azure Blue
P2676 North Sea MIX Equal parts P2090 Hippo Gray & P2089 Navy Blue
P2678 Deep Sea Coral P2671 Sunkissed Coral
P2682 Aluminum P2653 Platinum