YDSET14 - Cow Pattern Collection

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When the Cows Came Home

Aug 29, 2015  |  Posted By Angela from Sweet Home, OR United States

We ordered the cow set; standing mama cow, lying down mama cow, standing and lying down calves. Finished them up last week and put them in our yard and it's been non-stop entertainment with people stopping by and even some people wanting me to paint them a few cows too. Neighbors are fine with these cows in the city and neighbor children are just thrilled to have cows in the neighborhood. The patterns are fantastic and designs are easy to follow. I love our new farm art and so do lots of others. Plan on ordering some more designs as this city girl should have been a farm girl all along. So glad to finally have cows of my own and hubby so glad we don't have to clean up after them or milk them. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives.