Motorized Rising Skeleton Plans

Item #W1712

His hungry mouth opens! His menacing arms move! His evil eyes look from side to side and light up in the dark!

Give your Halloween guests a scare with this over-sized animated Skeleton rising from your lawn. Plans include full-size patterns for all curved pieces and complete step-by-step instructions to complete this very animated project. (49" tall)

Requires the Motor Kit, Parts Kit and optional LED Light Kit listed below.

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Not a weekend project
Oct 13, 2014  |  By Robert
This thing took longer than any other project purchased from Winfield, including the entire 3/4 scale Nativity Scene. The instructions were not the best. Got thru it and things didn't go together the best. It is done and out and look forward to all the comments from the neighbors.

Not a project for amateurs
Oct 9, 2015  |  By Aunt Aggie
This isn't the sort of project to take on if one doesn't have a lot of skills working with wood. There is a lot of work cutting and assembling it but it is well worth the effort. It took a lot longer bringing it all together but end result was worth it.

Not pattern for Amateurs
Oct 12, 2015  |  By Aunt Aggie
This skeleton took a lot longer to put together than what we thought. Not an easy one to work on but well worth the effort.

Not easy at all
Jul 7, 2018  |  By Tom Jacopi
The end result is pretty nice, but as the other reviewers have is a lot of work, plus the plans are a bit confusing. The skeleton is built with multiple layers (5 for the face), with each layer being slightly different. The plans share one drawing across multiple layers, with dashed lines showing the differences. It's correct, but easy to make a mistake when creating the pieces (I had to redo two pieces).

To make the parts move, there are many small pieces that fit into each other (ie, sliding in channels). Be prepared for a bunch of trimming if you are not very precise with your cutting (and I am not). For example, one place requires a 3/32" slit to fit an eyebolt sideways.

Overall, the project is nice, but it is a lot of far the most I've done compared to other Winfield projects.