Military & Public Service Patio Paver Pals Pattern

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Product Description

Our newest patio paver pattern set includes a dozen fun Military/Public Servant figures that are easy to make from low-cost patio pavers, small wood pieces and decorative accessories. Trophy base and alphabet patterns plus sources for the keyhole shaped paver stones are included. Figures use indoor/outdoor patio paints and E6000 glue. Patio Paver Bodies measure about 9" tall.

Practically anyone can make these fun designs. Just paint the pavers with our durable outdoor patio paints then glue on small wood pieces and accessories using our special formula glue. Everyone adores these colorful projects. They make unique gifts and they sell great at craft shows.

You get full-size patterns plus instructions and color paint sheet to make 12 Military or Public Servant Patio Paver Pals (Includes the five shown plus Judge, Sheriff, Marine, Air Force, Military Police, Canadian Mountie and Postman).

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Sku: W1511YD
Weight: 0.0700 each

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  • Awesome

  • This set is really great. Can't keep up with the demand for the different ones.

  • Posted by Marc on Mar 8, 2015