GINORMAS White Reindeer #2 Pattern

Item #W1461CY

NEW! Over 14 feet long! This feeding deer (shown in background) is the perfect complement to our original GINORMAS White Reindeer (#W1448CY shown in foregound).

Like our first GINORMAS Deer, this project is gargantuan but not difficult to make. It requires 6 sheets of 3/4" thick plywood and can be cut out using a hand held jigsaw. After painting, most pieces just slide together (then come apart for convenient flat storage).

You must also order or already own GINORMAS Deer Pattern (#W1448CY) to use this pattern. This is a full-size pattern for only the head/neck piece of the head-down Deer. All other pieces are exactly the same as and must be traced from pattern #W1448CY.

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