Bigfoot Woodcraft Pattern

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Product Description

Reported Bigfoot sightings are about to increase drastically in your area!

Watch the fun when you display this huge eye-catching, life-size might just see your creation on the evening news!!

This is an extremely easy project to make from only plywood, black paint and our full-size, traceable pattern. A handheld jigsaw is the only power tool needed. (93" tall)

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Weight: 0.3000 each

Product Reviews

  • Great Pattern, but look closely at instructions

  • Great pattern, BUT make sure to turn the pattern almost diagonal with the foot straight across the bottom. Then test the cut out arm and leg/foot. I had to redraw mine 2 times. The way the instructions look, you can lay it down and it fits. So make sure to get the feet straight across the bottom.

  • Posted by Bill Crow on Jul 30, 2019
  • Lifelike

  • Another great one from Winfield! Was a lot of work to cut out, but worth it after seeing everyone's reaction. I know how big a sheet of plywood is, but when you get this thing cutout, he looks so BIG!!! Was the talk of the neighborhood.

  • Posted by Pat on Apr 24, 2015
  • big hit at the fundraiser

  • This pattern is great. It was so easy to lay it out and cut with a jigsaw. I got a taxidermy elk eyeball and siliconed it on. Each time I entered the workshop it startled me, it is very lifelike. We donated this to a ski hill fundraiser auction and it sold for 750.00 which blew us away! This year we are going to try the 6' gun as a donation. I don't think anything could top the Sasquatch!

  • Posted by Cynthia on Oct 23, 2014
  • So much fun

  • Love this project! We have so many plans of where to put him first. One thing I did differently than the instructions was instead of cutting out the arm and leg, I left them in the paper and just cut a straight cut at the dotted line and then lined them up on the sheet. Took me about an hour to trace out and then 3-1/2 hours to cut. I used my rotozip tool with the router base to cut it out after a quick try with the jigsaw, much faster and not as much back tracking.

  • Posted by Shane Wright on Oct 1, 2014
  • Bigfoot

  • Thanks for your pattern; only took me 6 hrs to do. Everyone likes it. Need to find baby big foot.

  • Posted by Brad Pritts on Jun 29, 2014