Floating Technique

Floating is a technique commonly used by artists to provide a quick and easy graduated shading (or highlighting) to a project that gives it the look of having depth and dimension. It is one painting technique all serious woodcrafters should master.

Floating is created by a single stroke of a wide or angled brush loaded on one side with water, and on the other side with color. Floating is accomplished as follows:

  1. Dip your brush in water than touch one side to a paper towel to remove the excess water--just enough to remove the shine on your brush.
  2. Load half of your brush with paint (the long side of an angled brush).
  3. Stroke back and forth on a palette or paper plate until the paint blends into the water across the brush - dark to light.
  4. Line the dark side of the loaded brush up where you want more color then stroke the entire face of the brush across the project.

Note: Most Winfield patterns identify areas to be floated and suggest float paint colors.

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