Old Grain Mill Wood Project Plans

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This nostalgic project was modeled after the grain mills that used to dot our countryside. It features a working water wheel and is made entirely from standard size cedar boards.

Water wheel turns 10 to 12 times per minute using our submersed, magnetic drive pump and clear vinyl hose available below. (55" tall)

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Old Mill Water Wheel
Sep 13, 2013  |  By gary twogood
I had a large water feature put in my back yard which has a stream in it. When it was being built, I told the contractor I wanted to put a water wheel in it at the top of the hill. He complied and when I built the mill, I used the plan for the wheel and as a guide for the mill. I expanded the building so I could have electrical plugs installed to run the water pump and to place the transformer for low voltage lights. Because the wheel was going to be used in the water feature, I couldn't use the stanchion for support of the outer edge. I built a frame using the end dimensions of the mill and extended the sides to 26". I covered the frame with cedar fence pickets to give it a rustic look. I also made a door for access to the electrical service and low voltage transformer. I used 2X4s on the wheel side and the opposite side of the building so I could use a 5/8 threaded rod which runs across the width of the house. Nuts and washers to secure it were countersunk into the 2X4s. I countersunk spaces in the hubs and used ball bearings which I got at Northern Tool company (about $10.00 per pair) and attached the whole mechanism to the house. The wheel turns freely and looks awesome. So far, people who have seen it say they have never seen anything like it in a backyard pond. The instructions for the wheel were complete and easy to follow. The plans for the mill were used as a guide for dimensions to keep it all in perspective. We thoroughly enjoy the finished project.

The Old Mill
Aug 3, 2017  |  By Kim Ingstad
I purchased the pattern and built the mill twenty years ago when the kids were small. We used it on special occasions pretty much as the original picture has it assembled. A few years back I built it into an old western flume/waterfall where it has taken on an even more captivating position in our landscape. It continues to spin summer evenings and has held up well considering our dry desert summers and the age of the old relic. My friends want me to build one for them and I would definitely purchase the product again!