3D Monster Layered Alligator Pattern

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Product Description

This monster-sized gator is 8 feet long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail!

This is a layered animal project on steroids! It's made by gluing together 65 different layers of mostly 1-1/2" thick lumber, then sanding and painting. When finished, it's a really impressive project you'll be proud to display.

You get full-size patterns for all the layers along with complete step-by-step instructions and painting details. (96" long x 24" wide)

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Sku: W1922

Product Reviews

  • Awesomeness!!!!

  • I built this monster layered alligator in a very special way. I cut all the pieces as laid out in the pattern but then used my drill and hole saw to tweak the pattern. Now my monster alligator is a water fountain! The 1 1/2" diameter hose goes in at a 45 degree angle starting at the legs then straightens out and runs out it's mouth just above it's teeth. Everyone can't believe what I made. I have had compliments on top of compliments. Plus I didn't have the right tools. Just an old jigsaw,a drill, and a hand sander. So lots of hand sawing and sanding. Everyone thinks I used big expensive tools. Thank goodness I had an awesome grandfather! Now the Secret Garden is really amazing. On to the next project. Thank you Winfield collection!

  • Posted by Ruth Hendricks on Apr 28, 2019
  • canadian woodworker

  • Just completed and placed on my front lawn. 10 people stopped and took photos in the first 1/2 hour. Fantastic project!!

  • Posted by Mike Melvin on May 8, 2017