Witches Brew Woodcraft Pattern

Item #HYD13

This witch is making the perfect Halloween concoction! Easy-to-make using our full-size pattern, some exterior grade plywood and a hand-held jig saw. (Approx 46" tall x 34" wide)

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witches brew
Sep 4, 2014  |  By Zoe Powell
Absolutely love this pattern. Primed (2 coats) of exterior plywood. Transferred pattern and got to work... The colors are slightly different than pictured, ie the fire...but take poetic license where you wish. Whatever you do, I think you will be pleased. I don't work with a jig saw so I put the whole design on the board and will display retangularly with dark background. A little more painting, but a lot less cutting. Will be used in my church's pumpkin patch. I'm thrilled. PS. I also took license with the cat's tail and back...painted it with hair on end.

Wonderful Design
Oct 5, 2016  |  By Desiree Perkins
I made this witch over 20 years ago and put it out every Halloween. I love the design, and it still makes me smile every time I pull in the driveway and see it. Beautiful colors and the paint still looks great.