Small Silent Night Pattern Set

Item #CYD7288

Make all three of our small, self-standing white Nativity groups with this Money-Saving 3 Pattern Set!!! Full-size patterns are included for our popular Silent Night, matching Kings with Camels and Shepherds with Sheep. Great displays for small yards. (up to 51" tall)

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Great All Church Project
Sep 14, 2013  |  By Robert Olson
This was a wonderful multi-generational project for our church family. We involved about three dozen church members in all the steps of the Nativity creation. My family pieced the patterns together and purchased the plywood and supplies. The first wave of volunteers spent a Friday night tracing patterns on the wood. Saturday morning we had three crews of members sawing, sanding and priming the pieces. By the end of the day, all pieces were cut out and sanded and more than half were primed. By the next weekend we had the whole project painted with two final coats and the completed project was assembled on the front lawn for everyone to see. Talk about Christmas in August.

The patterns were easy to work with and with a little planning, the project turned out beautifully. It really is a beautiful sculpture. We are planning a nativity celebration on the first night the nativity will be lighted for the Christmas season.

Worked Great
Sep 15, 2013  |  By Curtis Kromis
Bought this 4 or 5 years ago. Easy to make. Every year I get nice comments about it! If you get this, when taking it down after Christmas, watch for splitting and fill with a good exterior filler so no more water can get in. Before putting up, touch up over the filler !! WORKS GREAT !!

Great Christmas Project
Nov 23, 2013  |  By Fred Wild
I bought the three patterns over three years and made them one at a time. Excellent designs and patterns. Instead of tracing the patterns, I cut them out, pinned them to the plywood, and drew the outline with a pencil. It's useful to fill any voids in the plywood with caulk or other filler to keep out moisture. This year I bought the Bethlehem background to complete the tableaux. Together, they make a wonderful Christmas display, especially with spotlights. My only suggestion is that Winfield offer a separate angel group in the same style.

Manger scene/sheppards
Dec 29, 2015  |  By John M Jones
I built the 2/3 scale of the manger and shepherd scenes. Awesome !!