1925 Model T Ford Truck Design Pattern

Item #8825FS

The Ford Model T Truck was a work horse in early automotive history. The Ford truck plan is for intermediate to advanced woodworkers. There are many options including adding details inside the cab. Install a steering wheel, hand brake, accelerator, foot controls and a dash with dials. The seats can have a criss-cross quilted look. Some lathe work is required on some features including the wheels. Many early trucks came from the factory with heavy duty rear wheels. This plan outlines building both front and the larger heavy duty rear style wheels. The wheels are detailed with spokes and lug nuts that are outlined in detail with drawings and photographs. Additional features can be added to the underside of the pickup. There are over 150 photographs, drawings and full size patterns. The plan includes adding the display base and a description plaque. Not for children to play with but as a display piece. (15" l x 6" w x 7" t)