Leaning Bigfoot Woodcraft Pattern

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Product Description

Reported Bigfoot sightings are about to increase drastically in your area!

Watch the fun when you display this huge eye-catching, life-size Bigfoot...taking a little break leaning against a tree. You might just see your creation on the evening news!!

This is an extremely easy project to make from only plywood, black paint and our full-size, traceable pattern. A handheld jigsaw is the only power tool needed. (95" tall)

Product Specs

Sku: W2052
Weight: 0.4000 each

Product Reviews

  • leaning bigfoot

  • He is huge! Very lifelike, easy to cutout. I used a bolt to hold the arms on instead of a permanent attachment. That way you can position his arms.

  • Posted by eric rees on Sep 2, 2018