Decal Application Instructions

How to Apply Vinyl Decals

1. Once you have decided where you want to place the decal, be sure to clean that surface thoroughly.
2. Apply soapy water to the surface on which you will be placing the decal (We recommend using a spray bottle with lukewarm water & a couple of drops of liquid dishwashing soap).
3. Remove the backing material from the decal to expose the adhesive surface. Note: Be sure to double check your measurements for center and levelness before proceeding.
4. Apply the decal on top of the wet, soapy area positioning the decal in the desired location.
5. With a squeegee or soft sponge, push out the excess water, moving from the center of the decal outwards past the edges of the decal to form a "Perfect Bond".
6. If using on an outdoor piece, allow 24 hrs to dry completely before exposing to the elements.