Christmas Tree Nite-Lite Woodcraft Pattern

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Product Description

This fun design is made from plywood, black paint and miniature lights using only a hand-held jigsaw, a drill and our full-size pattern.

Makes a wonderful holiday display for your front yard.
(approx 76" tall x 48" wide)

Product Specs

Sku: LYD55
Weight: 0.0900 each

Product Reviews

  • Nice, but a lot of holes to drill

  • Buy a high-quality Forstner bit, as there's a lot of holes to drill. I used replaceable C9 LED light strands so I could replace failed lights easily. Replaceable lights also make it easier to wire the tree as you don't have to worry about color--just wire the tree (I used three serial strings) and add the appropriate color bulbs later. I tied the three strings into a three-way tee that then plugged into an extension cord. Even with LEDs there were so many lights it drew about 4.5A at 120V, and it was BRIGHT! As in, stand at least 10' away or be blinded. Awesome at night even at a distance. Best mounted on a surface (wall, fence, tree trunk) due to it's weight and the wires that cover the entire back of the tree.

  • Posted by Bob Johnson on Aug 2, 2017