Big Game Gun Woodworking Project Pattern/Plan

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Over 6-1/2 feet long!!! ...Impress your friends with this REALLY REALLY BIG GUN! Sure to get one BIG BANG out of 'em! Authentic-looking, non-working model is fun to make from wood, dowel and 1-1/2" tubing. Plans include patterns for wall display rack too!

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Product Reviews

  • bill

  • I agree with the other post on using PVC for the barrel. Metal EMT weight is 18 lb for 10 feet.

  • Posted by wiiilam bentley on Oct 30, 2013
  • Big Gun

  • This project is fun to make and an eye opener once it's finished. I have built several of them and have donated them to non-profit organizations for their fundraisers. This gun calls for metal barrels which make them way too heavy so I use PVC pipe instead. The PVC pipe makes it quite a bit lighter to carry and achieves the same goal. Fun to make and really brings people to their feet when they see it. Due to stain and paint drying time this project takes anywhere up to 30 hours to complete.

  • Posted by Lino Trevino on Sep 2, 2013