Scroll Saw Blades
Reverse Tooth

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Product Description

Reverse Tooth Scroll Saw Blades
5" Plain End--1 Dozen

Reverse teeth at the bottom of these blades cut on the upstroke to provide a smooth, splinter-free finish. SHARKTOOTH quality provides maximum blade life and durability.

Select the right blade size for your application. More teeth per inch give a finer cut (preferred for soft wood) while less teeth per inch give a coarser cut (preferred for hard wood). Larger blade size numbers indicate increasingly heavy duty blades capable of cutting thicker wood. Always use the highest number blade for your application.

$3.00 per dozen for 6 to 11 dozen
$2.65 per dozen for 12 dozen or more

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*Ok to mix & match different sizes of the
same blade for 6 to 12 dozen pricing.

Product Specs


  • #2/0 - 28 TPI
    SKU: BL86R
  • #2 - 20 TPI
    SKU: BL87R
  • #5 - 12.5 TPI
    SKU: BL88R
  • #7 - 11.5 TPI
    SKU: BL89R
  • #9 - 11.5 TPI
    SKU: BL84R
  • #12 - 9.5 TPI
    SKU: BL90R
  • #20 - 9 TPI
    SKU: BL91R